Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Dead Tree

This is the lot before the house was built. You will see many pictures of that tree if you read this blog. It is my Serengeti tree and is now not long for this world. I have no idea what kind of tree it really is but the small part of it that still lives has little white blooms on it this time of year.
This tree is just as beautiful dead as it was alive but I notice the right side is beginiing to lean.

I built this place in Autumn of 2006 Wow time flies!

The farmer behind me and his family have big celebrations on Memorial Day and Labor Day. Each with a large bonfire. They gather the dead trees on the property for that purpose and I have a feeling my Serengeti tree will be part of the festivities this year. I'm going to miss it.
You'll notice also that the aborvites are not yet planted. They grew really fast.

I had to take this through the screen or they would all fly away, plus kitty was at my feet.

There is never a shortage of sky shots
I've come to terms with the power lines telling myself they add charecter

Simple little house with a million $$ view!!



  1. Your a tree-hugger at heart and you have a very artistic eye, JT.
    The snow covered trees are enchanting and a bit mysterious looking as if they came out of a fairy tale scene.

    Thanks for sharing the beauty you see, I love it all.

    Hugs and smiles across the miles

    1. Your very sweet... thank you.
      The space behind me is nothing spectacular in itself but nature paints spectacular scenes. I am blessed.