Monday, August 6, 2012

Another Balloon

There is a small airfield just in back of where I live. I think these balloons alight from there. Never really confirmed that but it's a reasonable guess.
This one seems to have landed off course. That is a farmers field it is rising from.

Looks like they recovered their flight well enough, and was a distraction from the morning commute.

Having grown up in a big city, I am always appreciative of the delights of rural living.

Now those of you on a real working farm may not call this rural but for a city gal, being surrounded by agriculture and still 10 min. to a gourmet food store is HEAVEN!
Lets just say I'm on the outskirts of rural. 10 min north and just a half mile west there are real working farms that have roads named after the owners etc. 10 min east is a thriving 100 year old village with glorious shopping.
How can you beat that!
I don't have to gather the eggs or milk the cows, just stop by and say hi! Buy a basket of eggs.


  1. That is truly beautiful. We have hot air balloons in our winter months....such a treat to see in the sky. There are definitely benefits to living in a rural community....I love going to the farms for the fresh produce...calarabi especially:)