Friday, August 31, 2012


There is a special quality about the angle of the light this time of year. It lasts for about a month.
Days are getting shorter quickly.

I'm looking forward to Autumn, the summer was soooo hot.
I'm really in the mood for mums and pumpkins.

For those of you who are very observant, you will notice I have some dusting to do!


  1. That makes me laugh:) On my cat shots, I noticed we had dusting to do:) It was so embarrassing....I dusted the next day:)

    I am predicting a snowy winter for you and a wet winter for us. I've already noticed the shift in weather's all about the El Ni☺o weather patterns. Have a fun and restful labor day weekend.

  2. The light makes for a striking pictures as it dances across the colors.. dust what dust! You have the eye of an artist, Jeanne.

    I too am in the mood for Autumn weather, but it does not arrive in south Florida until the end of October, if we are lucky -(:>)

  3. This is just stunning! You have such a wonderful eye!

    I have NO idea what you mean when you mention dust!

  4. I'm ready for the season change too! Bring it ON!