Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The old tree

Last summer I was taking a picture of the old tree with the moon rising and caught a small aircraft getting ready to land.
This one was a few minutes later taken with flash.
It's interesting how light acts in a camera lens.
I think that is why I like sky shots so much.
I like to see how I can mess with the light.
By no means do I think of myself as a skilled photographer,
I just look for, or notice something out of the ordinary and usually shoot too fast.
The fun part for me is seeing what I end up with!


  1. I think it's great that you notice all the fun and play with the camera settings. I do the same thing. I have to work on my night shots more as well. Very tricky. I like your shots tonight....remind me of Halloween.....I can't wait:)

  2. These are stunning shots! I think you should frame them both!

  3. I like both your shots and it's neat how the flash lights up the tree. Photography to me is all about having fun!