Saturday, August 18, 2012


Friends, fellow bloggers, I need help.

It used to be that if I clicked on your picture it would come up in a window that was part of the website with thumbnails on the bottom to go to the next pic.
Lately the picture opens in a window that looks like Internet Explorer and to get to the next picture I have to hit the back button then click on the next picture in your website.  Over and over and over.
Understand I am a novice blogger more interested in the message than anything else.
I didn't change any settings and I am frustrated because I come to your blogs for the joy I get seeing your artistry, musings, and the photographic excellence that just blows me away.
Anybody have any ideas how I can fix this??


  1. Sorry JT...I am of no help. Good luck!

  2. Oh bummer! It's doing that for me as well. It's really irritating. When I first started, that's how the window opened. Then recently they did that nice flowy thing with the shots. It made it easier to look at all of them. It may be a blogger thing. The other day it was fine....but I see that today it's back to that windows bit. If you figure it out, let me know. I'm good with techology but not that good:)

  3. Sorry, I'm very computer-challenged and have no clue. Hope you get some help!

  4. You are not doing anything wrong, JT.. it is the settings of blog you are visiting. Some bloggers still have the old original templates that do not show images in 'Lightroom' (the flowy thing).. or they have not enabled Lightbox in their settings.

    To see what I an talking about- Go to your Settings- then to- Post and comments- and look for- 'Showcase images in Lightbox' -Yes- activates lightbox (the flowy thing) No- disables it and the images will appear in a different page.

    I hope this helps explain why some blogs have it and some do not. ~:)