Saturday, September 1, 2012


It's hard to believe but the remnants of a hurricane are in my backyard today.
Just a few miles south of the Wisconsin border!
About 7 AM the first shadowy clouds covered the sun.
It was a little more eerie than this picture shows.
Maybe is was the smell and feel of it, not sure.
A few hours later you can see the very very northerly edge of what is left of this devistating storm.
The bulk of it is way to the south.
Interesting though, the very edge of a storm is what creates those dynamic clouds and that has been happening here all summer.
I never stop being amazed by nature.
Shortly after this was taken there was a serious downpour.
The rain cam down from east to west.
No lightning, no thunder, just a solid sheet of rain.
I love weather!


  1. I love weather too and I love your shots! So glad you are safe!

    1. Oh, no problem being safe, it is just a pile of clouds. Leftovers.