Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I love this! Don't ask why, I just do.

I hesitated posting this 
because you're all gonna think I'm nuts

Sooo.... now you know.

This is not a deck with water on it to me.
It is like making pictures in clouds. 

I found a submarine,
the state of Texas and a lot of other stuff.
I especially like the four little bubbles 
on the fourth board down to the right.

Okay... Certifiable... Maybe

Click that picture, make it larger, what can you find?


  1. You're not certifiable! You're digging into your creativity! It's great fun and good for your brain to look for patterns like that! And it makes for good texture photos too.

  2. I think I see Kentucky there:) The best part of photography is what YOU see:) I like your take on this shot.

  3. I like it too! makes me long for some rain though!

  4. I see the state of Texas! Neat photo!

  5. There's a stingray too. Second board up from bottom to the very left! Found you through Cheryl's blog, Farmer's Daughter. I am going to browse around... :)