Sunday, September 9, 2012

Chicago Botanical Garden

The Chicago Botanical Garden is actually in the northern burb of Highland Park.
Not too far from me, I should visit more often with a real camera.
The gardens are magnificent and I will have some shots of that part later,
but for now, within the park is a model train exhibit that I just love!
These are taken with my trusty point and shoot in my usual style.
On the fly, body moving, camera shaking.
Still worth it.
The exhibit is made up in sections, to represent towns

National Parks
Trestles and bridges.
Any little boys dream.
Or little girls for that matter!
BTW... All the plants are alive. I can imagine the attention it takes to keep them in scale.


  1. Oh Jeanne! This is wonderful! I wish I were there. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Abby and Mom,
    OMCs....what a wonderful post. My dad will have to see this he is a train brain and loves garden railroading. Thank you for visiting us
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  3. How cute! Gosh, that has to take a lot of work! Glad, someone else does it, LOL.

  4. Really nice shots. Love the railroad magic they've created there. We have something similiar at the Tucson Botanical Gardens but yours looks more shady:) I've heard about this place and really want to visit it someday. We were going to do it the last time we were home but decided that it would be too much driving. Hope you have a good week. Chris

    1. You would love it. I am sure. Next time you are in the Midwest make it a point to go there, It is right down Rt 41 doesnt take long to get there from Wisc.
      They have an incredible butterfly garden and a Japanese garden that will blow you away.