Saturday, September 22, 2012

Round Lake

I had some shopping to do that required me to go north instead of my usual preference, south. 

To the north of me are a large number of small and overpopulated lakes.
Lots of ratty old cottages and not much lake shore open to the public. So I decided to mosey on in to a spot where I know there is a little park. Gotta be careful where you walk here, Very large goose population.
Most of the boats are dry docked so the lakes are pretty this time of year. 

I pull out my point and shoot and the battery is dead! Arrrrrgg.
So... I resorted to my trusty IPhone to take a few shots. 

 Mostly just fisherman out on the lake now.

Temps in the high 60's a bit too cold for boating.

Now, most of us know a phone is not the best camera especially in zoom mode but I was pleasantly surprised that the somewhat blurry picture below turned out to look like a watercolor.
This is raw right out of the camera... Happy Dance!!!

Have a Great Day!


  1. Hey, that iphone does a pretty darn good job! That first shot is especially pretty, I think, with the contrast of the deep blue water and the water lilies.

  2. Wow! I was thinking how nice these photos were and then I got to the swan and I swooned! Beautiful indeed!

  3. That's happened to me as well:) Really frustrating...but your phone did a great job. Beautiful lily pads:)