Sunday, September 16, 2012

My "Pie"

Abby is my little shelter cat, I also call her Pie. 
I've had her for 5 years now and it took two of those years to get her healthy.

Then this year in March I thought I might lose her when she was slow in recovering from a surgery to remove a polyp in her little head. 
She is much better now. 

I just love her so much!

She is not always a sweet kitty,
she can be demanding and independent. 

Her sweet side comes out now and then and today was one of those now and then's.

She cuddled on my lap and helped me read.
Followed me around the house and purred and talked to me all day. 

So, I just had to dedicate today's post to my special little friend!


  1. She is just so sweet and soft looking! Kitties are the best!

  2. She's cute curled up like that!

  3. I love that cute little kitty!!! When they get sick, I always get so worried. I'm so glad your furry mitten is okay and will be okay. Really adorable:)

  4. What a sweetie-pie! I love kitties and have 2 inside and 3 outside. And I know all about that independent streak! Neither of my kitties will get on my lap unless it's their idea. I sure hope that your
    Abby will stay healthy and happy!