Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hilton Head

My best friend has a time share in Hilton Head. As a matter of fact several friends have time shares in Hilton Head. It was a 90's thing. They all want to sell them now.
Anyway, since I have nothing exciting that is current 
I thought I'd post some nice winter pictures of South Carolina.

This is the beach near Edisto Island

This is closer to Beaufort, a totally cool town on the coast
and much more fun than HH.
It's where they made the move "The Big Chill"

They keep the shrimp boats in the shallows in the winter. 

Love that Spanish Moss

This is my friend shelling on the beach at Hilton Head

I like the Atlantic coast in the winter but
I won't go near this place in the summer.
It is so humid it makes me sick. 


  1. This place looks like perfection. I love love love Spanish moss. There is something very atmospheric about it as it blows in a breeze off of trees. And I agree with you on the humidity....not a big fan either:) Hope you had a good day today. Chris

  2. What a beautiful, interesting place to be!