Thursday, September 13, 2012

More Beach Pictures

I often find that if I look at pictures

The same day they were taken
I am usually very disappointed with the results
I think the reason is
That the smells and sounds and whole 360 thing is not there
and it is all still very fresh in my mind
So the picture does not satisfy me.
That's what I think.


  1. Well girl, your pictures satisfy me so thank you for sharing them!

  2. I get the same way. Upload. Let them sit. And then come back to them:) They're fun to come back to. These are great shots....I feel the cool cool breeze along the lake. Beautiful time of year to be at the beach. Love the shots:)

  3. I think your photos tell a wonderful story about what you encountered on your journey to the beach. You composed each one perfectly, Jeanne.
    I often feel the same as you.. a camera lens can not capture the same beauty as the human eye.

  4. Lovely...and the lone looking rocks on the beach are lovely.