Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Pebble

I have been here for a thousand years.
Traveled from the deep to each shore over and over.
The jagged edges being softened in the journey.
Lives have come and gone. Wars have waged and ended.
Inventions have changed mankind forever.
I get smoother and smaller.
Someday I will be sand.
I had cause for introspection this past week.
All is well
God is good


  1. Amen to that.. beautiful said, Jeanne.
    Be well and happy ~:)

  2. Sometimes I feel like we're all little pebbles, getting buffeted by the ocean! Glad everything is OK. I adore the photo! Nice texture, contrast, and diagonal lines. The addition of the rock in the sand is perfect too.

    1. Donna,
      Coming from you that is quite a compliment. I didn't add the pebble, it was there gradually being pulled back into the lake.

  3. So true. Nice photo and I like the thoughts. From a different standpoint, we are all tiny little pebbles in this big big universe of ours. I'm still trying to figure how we are so lucky to witness the magic and power of it all.

  4. That pretty much expresses how I've been feeling for a couple of weeks. Glad that all is well. Have a pleasant Thanksgiving as you honor the day whether those kids are in the coop or not! =)