Monday, November 19, 2012


Shrimp Ceviche
I know the framing of the photo stinks
but the flavor of the subject is fantastic.
I have been messing with the macro lens and it's really fussy indoors without flash.
This is the least blurry shot and I wanted to share my success.
I got tired of paying the big bucks for this delicacy
made at a local gourmet food store.
It dawned on me, I knew exactly what was in it.
I made my own for 1/4th the cost.
Bring crackers!


  1. Looks yummy, Jeanne.. have crackers in hand.. on my way! Don't eat it all before I get there!!

  2. Food photography is hard to do! I like to use natural diffused light and a reflector. Putting the camera on a tripod lets you get a longer exposure too!

    Pass the shrimp...

  3. Nicely done!!! You can save so much doing it at home. With Mexican or hispanic foods, it's easy as a snap!!! You just need lemons, limes, cilantro on hand:) Looks yummy!