Sunday, November 11, 2012


The sky made up for
 any lack of color in the trees today
I took a drive down an old dirt road in the woods
It couldn't decide to be overcast or sunny.

This barn is part of the Forest Preserve District
They house horses and equipment for the veterans that do the
Civil War reenactments.

The blue in the sky today was just amazing.
It was windy as hell.


  1. oh, the blue, silver, white and black are all lovely together! thank you for sharing these!

  2. These are really beautiful scenes, Jeanne! I love the way the branches look against the pretty sky.

  3. Love the silhouette against the sky. I can tell you are a tree hugger.. as am I.

  4. Love your cloud cover and skies. You nail those shots perfectly. I just checked your's getting a bit cold now over there:) Stay warm!