Sunday, July 7, 2013


Look at the detail in this old place!

I drive by here frequently and wonder about its history.
There are renters living there so I can't just camp out front 
and take pictures.
This was taken from the driveway next door to a small strip mall.
The property is for sale and zoned commercial 
so the house is gonna go.
Too bad.


  1. awww. such old weathered wood, but the trim above the windows is so ornate! very cool!

  2. What a lovely old place. This happens so often. Wonderful places with so much individuality and character are torn down to make room for.. likely a new shopping mall. Really, i won't get started on that here. I'll just say this place is beautiful, and i'm glad you got this photo before it goes. :)

  3. Love the architecture of the windows. These grand old buildings are getting more scarce all the time.

  4. That is a shame! It's a lovely old place. I love the wood!

  5. I hate when beautiful old houses get torn down... I bet this one is amazing inside!

  6. What a beautiful place. Looks like it could be a historical marker. It should not be torn down but reinvented.

  7. I love that old weathered wood. It's a shame to see old buildings like this go. Enjoy your day! I'm following you now, too!