Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Blog

I have been locked out of my blog all week, finally got in on my IPad tonight.
I will catch up with y'all this weekend. I can read your stuff but I can't reply. Bummer!


  1. I read other bloggers have had the same problem. Hope it get resolved soon Jeanne.

    Hugs and smiles across the miles ~:)

  2. several folks have been locked out due to 'suspicious activity'. hope yours is over!

  3. That's a major bummer! Hope all is well now. I had that "suspicious activity" notification on mine, they even said it no longer existed. But after a while, it reappeared. Sure gave me a scare, tho.

  4. Google had a complete hiccup the other day and was not available for several hours. I'm not surprised that things have gotten messed up on some people. Hope you get it all straightened out soon!

  5. Oh I hope you get it fixed. I am sitting here today with my coffee catching up with my favorite bloggers and wondered where you've been......I always knew you were suspicious:)

  6. Gorgeous photos.

    Heavens, my shots are always blurry.

    I like to ignore my tripod for all its worth, haha.

    I try to stay still- my challenge is not to be so LAZY.

    Thanks for you visit- sorry about internet woes, always something, isn't it?

    Have a wonderful weekend.