Saturday, July 13, 2013

Photo Challange ~ Birds

Here are a couple of examples of what not to do
when taking photos of birds.
Although this one turned out very pretty
It was not the intended result.
Sometimes good things just happen.
This shot was taken with my IPhone with the zoom full blast.
Is it any wonder it turned out blurry?
But... I like the watercolor look!
This bird perched on a tree in back of my house
and I grabbed my 70 x 300 lens, zoom full blast
no tripod.
Not as blurry but definitely not as crisp as I would like.
Lesson learned: Full blast is a no-no.
Tripod a must!
Linking to Donna's
A Personal Photo Challenge
P.S. I was finally able to access my blog through Internet Explorer.
Google Chrome won't let me in, more about that journey in a later post.


  1. you're too cute. 'what not to do' turned out pretty dang well!

  2. That's what challenges are all about - you learn! You did an admirable job, so don't be hard on yourself. I like that watercolor effect too on the swan photo! You got some lovely textures on the water and the added pops of green color adds to the composition. The hawk photo is terrific, especially since you were hand holding camera with the lens cranked out fully. I've found that my zoom lenses aren't the sharpest at the extreme ends. And it's a big task to hold the camera still when the zoom level can accentuate every bit of your camera movement. But by the time you get out a tripod, the bird would be gone! So when in doubt, take the shot, hold your breath, and hope for the best!

    I'm glad that you could link on up today, and I'm sorry that you've been having internet problems! I use Safari for my browser and haven't had a bit of trouble with it. I have a Mac, but you can get a free Windows version from Apple.

  3. I like the watercolour effect of the first photo and know what you mean about using the tripod for crisp photos. I sometimes wish I had a unipod so I wouldn't trip on the legs in my haste to capture backyard birds.

  4. Love the watercolour effect on the swan. It would make a beautiful painting.

    I don't use a tripod either - it seems enough to lug around my camera and 2 extra lens. One of these days I'll have to break down and get one.

    Happy weekend!

  5. I have often thought that my camera should be mounted to the tripod at all times, but that's not too practical. I really like the swan photo a lot with all the motion in the water and the intensity of color.

  6. Great shots - and I agree - tripods are such good tools. Amazon has a new one called a GorillaPod - it is small - has flexible legs and can be attached to anything - your car mirror - a tree limb - a fence - and gives a good steady base for the camera. Just be sure you get one that has a swivel camera mount - costs a little more - but so much better than trying to get the GorillaPod in place and aimed right - with the swivel camera mount you set up the GorillaPod and then move the camera to aim at what you want. No affiliation - no kick-backs - just a happy customer.

  7. The Swan looks great and the watercolor effect is super. I enlarged your shot of the hawk and its terrific also.
    With a little photo editing to lessen the dark shadows- you would be surprised at what a great shot you got Jeanne.

    I use the free faststone(.)org - Image Viewer editing tool and love it. you can download it to your computer, you don't to go online to edit a photo.

  8. me again- you might want to also try Firefox web browser at www(.) - its the most popular web browser.

  9. I think these shots are wonderful! So often I'm without my camera but the smartphone is always near by which saves me from missing a great photo op. Love the hawk shot...enjoy your day!

  10. Love! I think it turned out great! When i first read it really fast, i thought it said that the bird landed in the tree and grabbed your lens. lol. I must not go so fast. :)

  11. The first one looks like you've done an effect on it to make it look dreamy! I love it! both are very good my friend! What wonderful sightings! Hugs!

  12. I agree about using a tripod and now have an extra one to carry in the van for photo ops that just happen, I'm visiting from the photo challenge

  13. I should use my tripod more often, I know, but it's such a bother sometimes! :) I think your shots look great!