Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Paint Color

Okay this is it.

I'm just not that brave when it comes to wall color.
I don't like dark colors on the walls and I lean toward neutral.
This is kind of a parchment color but it has a richness to it, none of the oranges that come in the beige tones.

When I built this little house I had them paint everything white because I had no idea what I wanted to do. 

I was so overwhelmed with fear of being alone
but determined to do just that.

That was silly, I am very content.
Now I am getting inspired about decorating.

Took long enough!!

Now I have to pick a color for the bedroom. 
I hope that doesn't take me another year!!


  1. oh, i like beiges and grays and whites, too.

  2. I think it will be beautiful. It takes me forever to commit to a new color, too! Enjoy your week!

  3. I think that color looks lovely! I am a big fan of neutral colors for walls. The main color we have thru most of our home is called Dormouse. We had it at our former house too! After 20 years of living with it, we still love it. It's a grayish kind of beige. If you search on my blog for our mission style hall table, you can see the wall color. White trim really sets off a beige wall too.

  4. Upea on valkoinen ♥
    Kaunis tuo peili kehyksineen myös.
    Hyvää viikonloppua.

  5. Love also clear colorfor walls ,think it will be a lovely bedroom. greeting from Belgium

  6. I totally agree that choosing paint colors can be very overwhelming.

  7. I have a completely different attitude. I love color!! I always figure if I don't the color, it's just paint, I'll just buy another can and paint it over. : )

  8. Też nie lubię jaskrawych kolorów kolorów na ścianach pokoju. Lubię spokojne i jednym z nich jest wybrany przez Ciebie. Pozdrawiam.
    I do not like bright colors color on the walls of the room. I like quiet and one of them is chosen by you. Yours.

  9. I'm the same when it comes to neutral paint colors. I like adding color accessories. That way I can change colors on a whim )

  10. Nice choice, I love taupe...