Saturday, November 16, 2013


I didn't post a lot of Autumn shots because in my opinion
the colors this year were kind of Blah...

Now that the leaves are gone (come back, come back!)
I took a second look at some of the pictures and guess what? 
Not too shabby.

Come for a walk with me.

The Lake and Cook County Forest Preserve in Illinois 
have miles and miles of beautiful trails

This cabin is an education center at the head of a really nice trail 

A large part of the forest is in the DesPlaines river valley
but it expands from there to small lakes and slough's and into some hilly areas and glacial moraines.

I've found some pretty cool artifacts and fossils over the years in the creek beds.

These were taken a few weeks ago.
 All from my cell phone.

I generally don't take a clunky camera with me if my intention is walking. 
Sometimes the camera can be distracting. 
I like to hear the sounds and smell the smells.


  1. beautiful trees and BEAUTIFUL fence. :)

  2. Thanks for your comment.. Gorgeous pictures.. Fall is Beauty.. Cheers..

  3. I had to laugh at the "come back, come back" remark! I feel the same way. Thank goodness we have a beech tree in our back yard, and it's golden/brown leaves will paint the woodlands until next spring.

    And your photos here are glorious! It's funny how you changed your mind.

  4. Todella kauniita kuvia olet ottanut ♥

  5. Thanks for the colorful stroll through the Autumn leaves. Maybe by the end of November our colors will change.

  6. What a beautiful autumn walk. : )

  7. I am missing the beautiful fall leaves big time! It's my favorite season. Your trees are beautiful and that last photo is especially awesome!

  8. Your phone takes great photos...much better than my old one. I enjoyed our walk together. I know the leaves don't last long...nice to have some good pics! Hugs!

  9. They're spectacular in my book!