Friday, November 8, 2013

Textures and Layers ~ Photo Challange

Okay... This one was a bit daunting for me.

I have a purist bone in me about photography.
I don't know where it came from and it's really kind of silly but I took a deep breath and jumped off that cliff!!
(Not that I don't post process, I fiddle with exposure all the time)

(You have to click on these pictures!)

Step one... I dipped my toe into Pic Monkey
Just one layer ~

I couldn't decide on color or B&W so you see both. 

Now I got Brave

I found this texture like paint and it worked perfect for this shot.
The one above has a Matte edgy thingy that I liked.

This one has a grunge frame from BeFunky and I softened it. 
I think I like the top one best.

Now my favorite

I took this picture in the woods in Sept.
I liked it before I started to play with it.

I used the same effect I used on the first set but it really only effects the sky.
Then I found the border vignette at BeFunky, I softened it. 

To me it looks like you walk down the path into the light!!

I tried really hard to figure out how to make the blogger borders go away and failed. they do have an effect on how these look. (Unless you click on them, please do!)
But... In the process I figured out how to change the font!!

Thanks Donna for your inspiration!!
This was FUN!!

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  1. Jeanne, great job done on these lovely pics - the church looks awesome in the first shot, and the last one is lovely of the woodland walk.

    To get rid of the borders you need to go into your template and there you should be able to remove or change them (e.g. to a thinner line if you wish to keep something). I got rid of mine altogether because when they are there constantly they are in the way of frames and other borders you may wish to add from a program such as PicMonkey

    Have a great weekend.

  2. What fabulous photos! I have never used Be Funky so I'm anxious to try it now. I've used Paint in picmonkey but not what you've done in the first 2 photos. What a great effect! I love playing with photos...just don't usually take the time! You've done an amazing job with the challenge! Sweet hugs!

  3. i like the rays from the church steeple! really nice!

  4. I like the church steeple best in colour. As for the light in the forest, it looks like a supernatural beckoning. I'm going to give Be Funky a try too.

  5. Your cliff jump turned up some great textures and effects! Love em!

  6. Oikein kauniita kuvia.
    Hyvää viikonloppua Jeanne :)

  7. You did a great job! You need to come on over to the dark side..into the over processing world. Anybody can take a picture and leave it The first one is my favorite.

  8. Goodness!! Love the steeple shots! You could use them for the next challenge as Well! SO pretty......
    Love the color of the leaves too...pretty. You did a great job on all!

  9. Oh I love your photo treatment especially the first one. It looks heavenly.

  10. Oh that does look like a "Walk in the Light" photo. It is marvelous!

  11. I like what you did, but I know what you mean about being a purist. It does help to enlarge them and see the details better. Yes the last one is a winner but I like the black and white church too!

  12. As Lori would say, welcome to the dark side! Hahaha!!!!! I have a purist streak in me too, but it is super fun to bust out of the chains and bring out your inner artist with textures. I'm so glad that you decided to try this AND you're having fun! Now you can think ahead when you take your photos and envision how you want them to look after post-processing. Think of the possibilities! Enough of the pep talk, on to the review...

    I an tell that you were on a roll to add the light stream on the trail photo. I thought that Scotty would beam me up, LOL. The textures on the fall leaves were perfect for a grungy look. And the rays for the church steeple - brilliant! I can practically see those wheels turning in your head for the next challenge - "let there be light."

  13. I think I have felt a bit like it was "cheating" to doctor up a photo too much? Now I am thinking that it is just another aspect of the art.

    Anyway, you did a marvelous job on this challenge! I am particularly drawn to the black and white photo of the steeple.

  14. Oh wow these photos are so very pretty!!! I liked the colored one, the first leave picture but my favorite is the last. I want to walk there!! : )

  15. Love what you did with Light from textures.

  16. I really like all three! The rays behind the steeple are stunning, the grunge and the color on the leaves is lovely and that path- well I just want to walk right into the photo! Great work!!

  17. Hello Jeanne
    I love how you've taken on this challenge!
    The top photo is amazing and the same effect on the bottom picture in the woods looks amazing too - a clever light filter!
    Wishing you a happy Sunday.
    Shane x

  18. I love the way the first photo looks! The sun rays behind the steeple look amazing! And the last photo is very special, too. Great job!!

  19. Beautiful photos and wasn't it fun playing with textures? I really enjoyed this challenge. Autumn is so beautiful in your last photo..

  20. I love the light burst affect! Great post...enjoy your day!