Tuesday, August 26, 2014


We have had a very cool dry summer so far.
So far!

It now feels like southern Florida!
Hot and extremely humid with buckets of rain.

Weeds have grown overnight and are taking over.
Cloudy gloomy and wet wet wet. 

The good news is that it will cool off this weekend for the Holiday.
I will be pulling weeds.

Also planning a nice BBQ with sister and her man. 


  1. What a moody photo...

    Your weather sounds similar to ours...it's turned warm and humid. Mercifully, no rain. We have had far more than I want of that stuff!

  2. Here is rainy, but cold. There is an interesting end of the summer. Regards.

  3. We've been having rain the past few days and today the sun has finally come out. Beautiful photo.

  4. Sure makes for a beautiful photo.

  5. I sure hope it cools off here in MO. It's been scorching hot lately! I saw lightening to our east tonight, so hoping it will rain and cool off a bit. I like your photo!

  6. Wonderful photo. I want to know Florida one day!
    Nice blog, following you now ;D

  7. Even though it is a chore, there is something satisfying about pulling weeds. I hope that you have a wonderful BBQ with your sister & her hubby!