Sunday, November 2, 2014


Last Sunday I went to a place nearby called 
Independence Grove
Another leg of the Lake County Forest Preserve
along the DesPlaines river.
I don't visit here often because I prefer trails that are more
 "in the woods"

However, with two cortisone shots in my feet/ankle and a serious bit of pain the past few weeks I am opting for safer terrain.
Here the trails are paved for those who are in wheelchairs,
strollers, on bikes, etc. 

Determined to keep my chubby butt moving!!

The sky was a vivid blue and the colors were just winding down.

The lakes here are spring fed and full of water foul.

It was very windy!

but the temp was in the 70's (won't be seeing that again soon)

I walked (hobbled) around for a bit and then just put my face up to the sun and enjoyed the warmth.

All week it has been windy as hell and this morning 
there was a heavy frost.
No leaves left!

Gotta switch gears, make soup.


  1. sure was pretty! sorry about the pains! hope you can keep moving!

  2. I am sorry about your pain also. Hope it goes away real soon. Your photos are gorgeous. Love all those Fall colors.

  3. What gorgeous Autumnal shots. Take Care and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  4. I hope you feel better today. I love an easy walk sometimes, too instead of a 'hike'. Nice to take some photos and really look around. Have a good week my friend! Hugs!

  5. Lovely, saturated colors. I hope you get some long-term relief for the pain.

  6. It does look windy, but oh-so beautiful! What a terrific walk, and we got to go with you via your photos!

  7. P.S. I will keep you in my prayers for relief from your ankle pain.

  8. Oh it sure does look beautiful. Sorry you were in pain though, but looks like a great place to walk. I noticed that red vette in the first picture. : )