Saturday, November 15, 2014


Well, it's been brutally cold this week all over the Midwest and I'm not liking this one bit!!

So I thought I'd skip back a few weeks and cheer things up.

 These shots were taken just about a month ago.

Since then the Perennials in pots are stowed away in the garage.
The leaves are raked up. 
We've had a dusting of snow
  and the temp tonight will be 17 deg.



  1. ooh! too cold too early! here, as well (earliest freeze in 15 yrs) but at least no precip, here!

  2. What a difference a month makes. At least you know warm weather will be coming around again one day. : )

  3. Oh my! So many changes is such a short amount of time! I agree with you completely...ugh!

  4. in such a short amount of time...

  5. Boy, that changed in the hurry, huh? It spitted some flakes the other day, but nothing stuck. It's been decidedly cold here tool I guess it is time to find my gloves, LOL!

  6. Brrr! That is cold. We're cold, too, and very early in the year. Makes me think this will be a long, hard winter. Hope not, though! Your photos are very lovely.