Thursday, December 20, 2012


Does this look familier?
Anyone with a cat knows
this is just the begining
She is testing the waters
And me...
(Make sure you click on the picture, you've got to get a look at the grin on this cats face)
Little Devil


  1. I smile. They are so cute and yet......I cannot help it. I tell them NO and yet I let them do this kind of stuff because I think it's cute.....I put all the bells on the bottom of the tree because during a quiet moment in the house, I'll hear someone hit those bells and start laughing. Such clever little creatures. I love them all:) Very cute:)

  2. Every year I think that the cat wears an expression of pure joy as she says, "Oh! Another tree just for me." That is a pretty cute expression or one that I used to call "full of it."

  3. Little devil must feel well enough to be mischievous and be proud of it :) tickle that belly for me!

  4. Ah yes! :) I see the kitty smile and one of her mischievous eyes. And yes, this sight is all too familiar!

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