Saturday, December 8, 2012


Mom's shopping
I'll just be a good girl and wait.
Question to my blogger buds...
If I enable email, does that mean anyone can see my email address
or just those I follow or where I make comments?
I can't seem to find a clear answer online.


  1. sweet kitty! :)

    if you enable email to your blogger i.d. it allows folks who have their comments delivered to their email inbox (like me) to respond via email to you if you have a question. they will have your email address. it will also make it available to those who click on your blogger i.d. (like if you've left a comment on a blog and someone clicks on you to find out who you are). it will show email as a way for them to contact you.

    1. Thanks... Novice blogger here with 9 followers. Please consider following.

  2. Soo cute and cuddly :>) zzz

    TexWisGirl is wise in the ways of blogger so ask her if you have any questions.

    I suggest you have a separate email address that you only use for blogger.. and you do NOT have to use your real name- ie; your name; j cat - your email; jcat(at)gmail(.)com

  3. Exactly. your kitty filling the kitty bed. I love it when I'm home and they're all sleeping. I have to mess with them everytime I spy them snoozing:) What TexWisGirl says:) I have mine linked to the blog and a personal one elsewhere:) The Russians have been leaving me lots of spam. Their "w's" don't look right:)

  4. What a sweet kitty! I don't know much about the emailing part of blogging. I do have a separate email addy that's listed in my profile.