Sunday, December 2, 2012


It's time for a cat picture
Cross eyed little cutie
Always brings joy!
Special thanks to Donna at Cottage Days and Journeys for putting me on to a quality used camera outlet.
I found just what I was looking for at a good price.


  1. The world looks better thru them cute crosses eyes ;>)
    Glad to hear you found a replacement, especially at a good $$$

  2. ROFL! He is seriously cross-eyed!

    Oh, you must have looked at the online stock of KEH in Atlanta! We have done business with them for years and years - bought and sold. They make sure everything works properly and carefully "grade" the equipment that they sell. B&H Photo out of NY is where we get all our new photo and electronic equipment. They even have the best prices for computer ink! (A convenient link is on my blog for them, since I am in their affiliate program.) They also have used photo equipment available, but I've never bought anything used from them.