Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Feeling Better

There is nothing like a sweet fur baby
to make one feel better.
Had to take this little sweetie to the vet.
She has a little kitty cold with bubbles coming
out of her nose.
I have really been out of sorts these
past several days.
I know we all have and I don't want to dwell
on the sadness but...
I'm just not in the mood to do much more
than snuggle with the cat or read something that takes
my mind to a different place.
I will NOT turn on the TV.
The media is out of control.
Shame on them!
Leave those poor people alone and let them
get on with their lives!
Anyway... that's about as mad as I get,
I needed to vent.


  1. I've been feeling much the same way. I should be working on getting ready for Christmas. It's just so hard to do when I think of the little ones that will never get to open their gifts this year or ever again. I agree about the media, I refuse to even watch the news on tv because I know how they are.
    I'm sorry your little sweet furbaby has been under the weather. She's a cutie. My furbabies have given me comfort these last few days.

  2. I've been venting to my husband too. The TV has hardly been on. I watched a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie last night. I just couldn't bear to watch the 'news.' Whey do they feel the need to sensationalize this? So horrific. See there i go. Time to pat our beautiful kitties. I hope your darling kitty is better soon! She's wonderful. :)

  3. I hear ya:) I've turned the TV off for the entire time and then some. It's better to cherish those little moments. And that's where I am at as well. Get lost in a book and keep busy:) Of course, the kitties do make me smile just like they do for you. Lots of cuddling on cold nights. Stay warm:)

  4. I feel the same way.. enough already! They should leave Newtown and let them morn in private.

    Sending you a big HUG and silly smile ~:o)