Sunday, December 16, 2012


We celebrated Moms 89th birthday.
She is becoming frail and is getting
a bit loopy, but I feel lucky that she is still with us.
She insisted on buying those ugly glasses and wearing
that silly wig instead of her pretty silver hair.
I guess you have to be inside her head to get that part.
Daughters, neices and nephews came from North Carolina,
California, Ohio and Texas to be with their mom/gram.
I truly hope we get to celebrate 90
Love you Mommy!


  1. oh, happy birthday to her. you are wise to treasure these times with her...

  2. Happy birthday to your mom! Mine is 86, so I understand about the loopy part, LOL. As long as she's having some harmless fun, it's OK!

  3. A beautiful birthday to your Mom! You are fortunate to be able to celebrate with her, and she is fortunate to have such wonderful family who come from far away to spend this time with her! We all have so much to be thankful for. :) Have a peace filled beginning to your week, Jeanne!

  4. Jeanne, your Moms photo shows just how happily she was enjoying her 89th birthday with her loving family by her side.

  5. Oh! happy birthday to your mom. 89! that's good. Happy for you to have her. Make a list of questions...any that come to your head, ask her all you can. My parents are not longer here so I cannot ask them any more.

  6. That's wonderful:) She's earned the right to be as loopy and quirky as she wants:) What a great thing to have family come from all over to celebrate her life:)

  7. I love loopy and quirky and funny glasses and brown wigs - makes life so much fun - Happy Birthday to her.