Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Sunday was a hazy 60 deg day
I took a ride to Lake Zurich, not far from me,

Got there just in time for a nice golden sunset

I didn't adjust the color here, this is just how it looked.
I guess it was the haze that made it all look gold.
This lake is close to where I shop on Rt 12
so off to Walmart!
Footnote: On my computer at home these shots are golden.
At work they look a bit pink.
I am going to trust the high end monitor at home and hope you see that.
I would be interested in knowing if you see gold or pink.


  1. i see mostly gold. and they are beautiful!

  2. I see mostly gold too! These are lovely photos Bravo!!!

  3. A heavenly golden glow is the sight I see and absolutely adore.

    These images are incredible.. thank you for ending my day in such a magnificent way, Jeanne.
    and thanks for following my new blog ~:)

  4. I see gold. So beautiful! Very nice!

  5. Pretty shots, I love the golden glow!

  6. Yep, they are golden here too. Although they might be pretty with the pink tinge. Thanks for visiting over at my place.

  7. These are gorgeous, Jeanne. I tried to respond to you from my e-mail but your e-mail isn't enabled. It comes up Jeanne . Thanks for answering the questions I had ~

    1. Novice blogger here. I fixed that! Thanks for visiting.